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My party was last night. It wasn't as big of a turn out as I thought it would be. I'm glad the people who did come came. I'm not going to let it get to me. Whatever. I got a lot of really good pictures. ;D I promise to update with these pictures cause they're really good. Sara and Stef's gag gift was so funny! :D Thanks everybody for the gifts. I got a ton of money from everybody, mostly my family. I wanna go shoppin' now. Jimmy spent the night last night. :D Saw my car today. :D It looks A LOT better. The paint job's all shiny and new, duh. I have to get my dad to go with me to pick it up because I'm not that confident that I can drive it myself yet. The only problem I have is getting started, like from parked to 1st gear. lol There really aren't that many steep hills that I'll have to stop on besides my drive way and a few places in Wakefield, so I'm not really worried about rolling or anything.

Going to the beach next Friday, maybe.

I'll see Thomas tomorrow. :D He couldn't come to party cause his mom had to take his mom had to take his grandma to the hospital Thursday night. I cant wait to see my board! :D

Gotta clean some of this shit up in my room. I've got stuff everywhere. ;D
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