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Yeah, life goes on....

Hey to all. Haven't been on LJ in a good while. Hope everything is well for everybody out there takin the time to read this entry. Life's good. I know that for a fact. It hits you when the one person you love has his arm around you asleep as you sit online updating I the shit you seem to have either put in the back of your mind or completely out of your mind. You know that one feeling is real. Chase took Sandra and I out for dinner, his treat, last night at Champp's, followed up by a walk in the mall in a couple random stores and starbucks. Then we saw Saw two, VERY good for those are interested and haven't seen. Spent a few 'wonderful' minutes (can you believe it) in Apple's wonderful tech. support today, coming out with a feeling of accomplishment with the T key re-attached.

Went to a AWESOME party tonight. Holly Peterson's halloween party. It was great. I'm glad I didn't dress up. lol I was COVERED in silly string thanks to two kick ass girls. A true thanks goes out to those two girl, thanks Holly and Lauren. ;D You wouldn't believe all the 'ass' shaking all over the 'dance floor'. lol Good times.

Sara and I plan on going trick or treating Monday night in Golden Pond. I'm not sure if I'll dress up, not even for halloween night. ;D

Missing everybody! Hope life is treating you as well as I've been treated lately.
Lot's of love goes out to Vince. Missin ya bad man. I'll call tomorrow.

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yaaay for Brandon!

I thought trick-or-treatign was Saturday night in Golden Pond..*shrug*

have fun!

I miss you :(

<333 ya
Bree smells like pee!! lol I miss you too. I'm not sure what day it is in Golden Pond we haven't talked about it, but halloween is Monday night.

Later babe.
Brandon. i had alot of fun with you and chase....i have to pay him back. [and i will somehow] so....tomorrow....are we going to trick or treat? b/c...we've been planning it. you really should get your computer fixed ASAP. i really miss reading all your entries. i love you.
Hey Dude! I haven't talked to you in like.... ever!

Anyways... Cool. I went to a party Friday and Saturday too. Only I wore a costume(they were mandatory) and I love to be in costumes. lol

Glad you had fun.

Well talk to you later man.Later.