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I don't really feel like updating right now. I'm still really tired. I felt like sleeping most of the afternoon because it was all cloudy and rainy outside. But other then that today consisted of:

-watching tv
-talking on the phone
-eating non-stop
-workin' out
-hangin' with Thomas :D

Yeah, Thomas came to see me today. He hasn't got my board yet. He told me he'd bring it as soon as he gets it. I showed him the pictures from my party. :D lol He was laughin' his ass off. He told me to tell Sara and Stef they were really hot. ;D Thomas was about to leave and it started raining REALLY hard, so I told him to stay longer and just tell Angela, his mom, that he's "a little old lady (with a saggy vagina) and he cant drive home alone in the rain". hehe So he stayed a extra hour. :D We talked for the longest time. Our laughter flooded the entire house. :D We got to really talk like we use to which really made me smile. We talked about his grandma. Glad to hear she's doing a lot better.

3 days until I go back to the beach! YAY!! :D
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