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chicken pot pie.......hehe.....pot.

Hey this is Sandra. I HACKED onto brandon's lj after going through complicated numbers and codes, JUST so I could destroy and plant viruses onto ALL of your computers! hahahahah!

......just kidding

no, im here just to say hi, and to say I LOVE BRANDON! he's awesome.
we're talking on the phone right now. and....we're talking about when we're going to the beach. and what we're going to do.

and i also wanted to say. happy birthday to brandon. even though his birthday was yesterday and his party's tomorrow. we've been best friends since 7th grade, and there couldn't be any other person in the world i would do absolutely anything for. I love talking to you. i love hanging out with you. i love being there for you and i love it when you're there for me. I love you being yourself, even though you don't always know who "yourself" is. and I love you just b/c you ARE my best friend.


so peace ouy mother FUCKA you is CrAzY!
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