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So far my Birthday's got off to a good start. Watching Queer As Folk, and eating everything. Sounds like fun, right? lol Everybody's called me to say happy b-day. I just checked my voice mail, 12 new voice messages saying happy b-day since last night. :D I'm going tanning in a minute. My 'perfect' tan is starting to go away already. No...... I'm going back to the beach with Sandra and her mom on July 1, then Sandra and I are coming back the next day really late, going to the lake house to see the fire works, then I guess we'll spend the day on the boats. Everything is about to get SUPER busy, again. ;D

Spent the night with Thomas Monday night. Helped my grandma do impossible shit around the house. She wanted me to cut the grass, power wash the deck, clean out the garage, clean out the flower beds, and wash windows. Ugh....... She tried helping me but she wasn't much help. She had heart surgery a few months ago and she's pretty weak. Anyway, I finished that and my grandpa tried to pay me but I wouldn't let him, so he gave the money to my mom to give to me. I feel bad when they pay me to do stuff like that cause I know they cant do it by themselves. Anyway, after all of that I just wanted to go home and sleep FOREVER. Got caught in a really bad storm driving home from my grandparents house on 540 and 40. My mom was like 'don't go so fast we'll crash or something' and 'Brandon, you cant see where you're going, pull over'. I agree I probably needed to slow down a little seeing as I was going about 65 or 70 mph. I just wanted to get HOME!

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