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Community hell

Joining a community now days is a long journey that takes you straight through hell. Well most people are really nice, but then there are some people who are getting on my last damn nerve. I've never seen so many guys PMSing. You wanna know something really funny? I was told I "sound stupid" for caring about people with cancer and relay for life. Yeah..... Anyway, I was talking to Vincent until my phone went dead. It would help if I charged it. So I guess I'll call him tomorrow night. I'm going to try calling when I think he should be home from his 'blind date'. ;D It turns out I still might have a DJ for my party! I think my mom and my aunt found somebody. My mom wont tell me what she's been planning for my party. She keeps saying it's a surprise. I swear if one damn thing goes wrong I'm going to be really pissed. I trust my aunt a lot more then my mom.

I'm HUNGRY. Ice cream and Nilla wafers sound SO good right now.
I'm going to get something to eat before I die and do something to take my mind off PMSing men.
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