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Yeah, life goes on.... [30 Oct 2005|01:56am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Hey to all. Haven't been on LJ in a good while. Hope everything is well for everybody out there takin the time to read this entry. Life's good. I know that for a fact. It hits you when the one person you love has his arm around you asleep as you sit online updating I the shit you seem to have either put in the back of your mind or completely out of your mind. You know that one feeling is real. Chase took Sandra and I out for dinner, his treat, last night at Champp's, followed up by a walk in the mall in a couple random stores and starbucks. Then we saw Saw two, VERY good for those are interested and haven't seen. Spent a few 'wonderful' minutes (can you believe it) in Apple's wonderful tech. support today, coming out with a feeling of accomplishment with the T key re-attached.

Went to a AWESOME party tonight. Holly Peterson's halloween party. It was great. I'm glad I didn't dress up. lol I was COVERED in silly string thanks to two kick ass girls. A true thanks goes out to those two girl, thanks Holly and Lauren. ;D You wouldn't believe all the 'ass' shaking all over the 'dance floor'. lol Good times.

Sara and I plan on going trick or treating Monday night in Golden Pond. I'm not sure if I'll dress up, not even for halloween night. ;D

Missing everybody! Hope life is treating you as well as I've been treated lately.
Lot's of love goes out to Vince. Missin ya bad man. I'll call tomorrow.


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[09 Jul 2005|02:37pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

YAY!! Mom FINALLY gave in! :D Gwen and I are going to the movies!!!


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Bored...... [08 Jul 2005|11:04pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

-I'm SOOO fuckin' hungry.

-Gwen's home again! :D

-Hope your flight from LA wasn't that bad Vince. Miss ya man.

-Might see Kyle tomorrow. He just got home from the beach. Mom and I are going to Cary. I should probably take his Road & Track magazines with me in case he wants them back, damn it. He doesn't know his mom cleaned out his room will he was at the beach. I feel a WW3 coming on.

-I was bored so I took a few surveys.......

SURVEYSCollapse )

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[08 Jul 2005|05:11pm]
My mom's fuckin' insane......... That's a good explanation.

I applied to work at Premieres Video. If I get the job I'll be working with Ashley and Christian. Christian's no problem, Ashley's like a mini-mom sometimes. I tried to apply to work at Martin House and Garden. I don't know why, but I think that would be a really cool job. There's a lot of awesome guys that work there who go to Youngsville high and Wake Forest high. Garlin tried applying a few days ago too. The women I talked to, the owner, said they weren't hiring anybody now b/c she's going to have to let a few of her high school workers go this fall. FUCK I was thinking of applying to work at Brigg's, which is this restaurant in Wake Forest, not that far away, that serves breakfast all day and lunch. They're hiring and I should have got an application. I don't know if I want to be a 'waiter' though.

My grandparents are here so I'll update more later. Ugh.......
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[05 Jul 2005|03:32pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I got my license....!! :D haha It was so fucking easy! I was nervous at first, but it was SOOO simple. ;D

I have to go apply for some more jobs tomorrow...... Ugh. I think I know everywhere I want to go and apply. Then tomorrow afternoon or Thursday Ashley and I are going to met each other at the mall. I might call Sara and see if she wants to tag along. ;D

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Beach trip...... [03 Jul 2005|08:34pm]
[ mood | content ]

I got back from the beach last night at about 6. I didn't want to come home, but I was glad to be able to sleep in my own bed. I didn't get a lot of sleep while we were there, but I had a GREAT time. :D I didn't get to surf cause we were only at the beach for one day. I got to know Sandra's friend Tiffany a little better and she seems to be a really awesome girl. :D The three of us had a blast! There were SO many cute guys at the beach. Sandra and I took like ALL of the soap from the hotel. We just grabbed all of it from the room and the maids pushy cleany thing and shoved it in our bags. lol I don't know what we're going to do with it. Sandra's mom finally became a U.S. citizen. :D I was on tv too. We were watching the 11 O'clock news and one of the three news crews zoomed in SUPER close on my face. I don't know why, but he did. It was really weird seeing yourself up close like that on tv. Anyway, CHECK THE PICTURES OUT! I think they explain almost everything that we did. :D

Wrightsville Beach trip picturesCollapse )

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[29 Jun 2005|07:50pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Fuck that shit.......

P.S. I had a strange dream last night.

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[29 Jun 2005|03:29pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

Does anybody know where I can rent a cheap surf board for two days?! Oh SHIIIIITTTTTTTT......! lol I have to find a board! Usually I call ahead of time and my board is waiting.

God, I want my OWN board, NOW!

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[27 Jun 2005|10:46pm]
Sandra is the bestest thing ever.

and this is Brandon....yea. it's me....uhh...brandon.

She's hot. I would totally fuck Sandra if i were straight.

and by the way.....this is Brandon.....yea.....me, brandon.

I love sandra,

your friend,


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[27 Jun 2005|08:36pm]
[ mood | okay ]

I don't really feel like updating right now. I'm still really tired. I felt like sleeping most of the afternoon because it was all cloudy and rainy outside. But other then that today consisted of:

-watching tv
-talking on the phone
-eating non-stop
-workin' out
-hangin' with Thomas :D

Yeah, Thomas came to see me today. He hasn't got my board yet. He told me he'd bring it as soon as he gets it. I showed him the pictures from my party. :D lol He was laughin' his ass off. He told me to tell Sara and Stef they were really hot. ;D Thomas was about to leave and it started raining REALLY hard, so I told him to stay longer and just tell Angela, his mom, that he's "a little old lady (with a saggy vagina) and he cant drive home alone in the rain". hehe So he stayed a extra hour. :D We talked for the longest time. Our laughter flooded the entire house. :D We got to really talk like we use to which really made me smile. We talked about his grandma. Glad to hear she's doing a lot better.

3 days until I go back to the beach! YAY!! :D

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THIS IS SANDRA [27 Jun 2005|02:21am]
[ mood | awake ]

This is Sandra TO just say....





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Idiots gone wild/hardcore............ ;D [26 Jun 2005|10:25pm]
[ mood | hungry ]


16th Party last night!Collapse )

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[26 Jun 2005|06:00pm]
[ mood | tired ]

My party was last night. It wasn't as big of a turn out as I thought it would be. I'm glad the people who did come came. I'm not going to let it get to me. Whatever. I got a lot of really good pictures. ;D I promise to update with these pictures cause they're really good. Sara and Stef's gag gift was so funny! :D Thanks everybody for the gifts. I got a ton of money from everybody, mostly my family. I wanna go shoppin' now. Jimmy spent the night last night. :D Saw my car today. :D It looks A LOT better. The paint job's all shiny and new, duh. I have to get my dad to go with me to pick it up because I'm not that confident that I can drive it myself yet. The only problem I have is getting started, like from parked to 1st gear. lol There really aren't that many steep hills that I'll have to stop on besides my drive way and a few places in Wakefield, so I'm not really worried about rolling or anything.

Going to the beach next Friday, maybe.

I'll see Thomas tomorrow. :D He couldn't come to party cause his mom had to take his mom had to take his grandma to the hospital Thursday night. I cant wait to see my board! :D

Gotta clean some of this shit up in my room. I've got stuff everywhere. ;D

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chicken pot pie.......hehe.....pot. [24 Jun 2005|08:32pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Hey this is Sandra. I HACKED onto brandon's lj after going through complicated numbers and codes, JUST so I could destroy and plant viruses onto ALL of your computers! hahahahah!

......just kidding

no, im here just to say hi, and to say I LOVE BRANDON! he's awesome.
we're talking on the phone right now. and....we're talking about when we're going to the beach. and what we're going to do.

and i also wanted to say. happy birthday to brandon. even though his birthday was yesterday and his party's tomorrow. we've been best friends since 7th grade, and there couldn't be any other person in the world i would do absolutely anything for. I love talking to you. i love hanging out with you. i love being there for you and i love it when you're there for me. I love you being yourself, even though you don't always know who "yourself" is. and I love you just b/c you ARE my best friend.

i love.......you.

so peace ouy mother FUCKA you is CrAzY!

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[23 Jun 2005|12:49pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

So far my Birthday's got off to a good start. Watching Queer As Folk, and eating everything. Sounds like fun, right? lol Everybody's called me to say happy b-day. I just checked my voice mail, 12 new voice messages saying happy b-day since last night. :D I'm going tanning in a minute. My 'perfect' tan is starting to go away already. No...... I'm going back to the beach with Sandra and her mom on July 1, then Sandra and I are coming back the next day really late, going to the lake house to see the fire works, then I guess we'll spend the day on the boats. Everything is about to get SUPER busy, again. ;D

Spent the night with Thomas Monday night. Helped my grandma do impossible shit around the house. She wanted me to cut the grass, power wash the deck, clean out the garage, clean out the flower beds, and wash windows. Ugh....... She tried helping me but she wasn't much help. She had heart surgery a few months ago and she's pretty weak. Anyway, I finished that and my grandpa tried to pay me but I wouldn't let him, so he gave the money to my mom to give to me. I feel bad when they pay me to do stuff like that cause I know they cant do it by themselves. Anyway, after all of that I just wanted to go home and sleep FOREVER. Got caught in a really bad storm driving home from my grandparents house on 540 and 40. My mom was like 'don't go so fast we'll crash or something' and 'Brandon, you cant see where you're going, pull over'. I agree I probably needed to slow down a little seeing as I was going about 65 or 70 mph. I just wanted to get HOME!


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[22 Jun 2005|10:48pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Glad to be home again.....

Tomorrow's my Birthday :D
Saturday's my party

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[18 Jun 2005|10:32pm]
[ mood | okay ]

I was bored and trying to call people, so I took this............

1.What Time is it now? 10:26 pm
2.Single or taken? taken
3.What does your name mean? I think it means something about a wheat field.....
4.Who picked out your name? my grandpa
5.Whats your nickname? bran-bran or bre-rand-un
6.What colour are your eyes? hazel
7.Do you have an innie or an outie? Innie
8.What size are your shoes? 9 and 1/2 or 10
9.How tall (or short) are you? 5'6"
10.Honestly what do you like about yourself? right now I like my tan and i guess my chest is ok
11.What do you always get complimented on? lately it's been my tan but my fashion sense or eyes
12.worst quality? I'm not as well built as i want
13.What are the last four digits of your phone Number? 0365
14.Do you think you're cute? sometimes....mostly...no
15. Hair colour? light brown
16.Do you wear contacts? no, but that might change soon just b/c I want blue eyes
17.Living Arrangements? mom, dad, and my sister
18.Favourite drink? strawberry lemonade
19.Favourite alcoholic drink? margarita or a corona
20.Favourite Month? June
21.Favourite Food? really almost anything that is REAL italian
22.Favourite Board Game? i hate board games, i like talking battleship though
23.Web Site? hehe ;D don't wanna know that
24.Favourite Clothing Brand? Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister Co., and PacSun
25.Favourite day of the Year? my birthday
26.Favourite colour? black, white, or blue
27.Favourite Animal? shelties or grey hounds
28.Do you have more girl or boy friends? I think they are about even but I would have to go with girl
29.Who's your best friend(s)? SARA, Robert, Thomas, Sandra, Chelsea, and Rikki to name a few
30.Are your parents together? yes
31.How often do you get together with the family? holidays and maybe once a month for a day
32.Do you see your parents or your friends more? friends
33.Anything special about your parents? not really unless you count the large sums of money :D
34.Siblings and thier ages? Brittany, 12
35.Do you think you are a flirt? sometimes
36.You're slutty? No
37.Are you mean? when i feel the need
38.You like someone? Yes
39.You can keep secrets? yeah
40.You dance in front of the mirror? no
41.You sing in the shower? not often
42.You liked Britney Spears? I use to think she was the shit
43.You've liked a cousin? no
44.you've been in the opposite sex bathrooms? yeah
45.Ever hurt anyone? Yes
46.You've been hurt? Yes
47.You swear? Yeah
48.You get your way? not a lot, but definitely enough
49.You're willing to try new things? yeah
50.You've cheated on a test? oh yeah
51.What are you wearing? hollister white polo, hollister golf shorts, and a white t-shirt (enough detail?)
52.What colour are your pants? red, blue, yellow, white, and green
53.What are you listening to? Missy Elliott "Lose Control" and now The Spill Canvas "All Hail the Heartbreaker"
54.How are you feeling? alright
55.what are you doing now? trying to call Jimmy
56.What are you eating? nothing, right now
57.How's the weather? hot and humid
58.What books are you reading? none right now

59.How many lip glosses do you have?
60.What perfume do you use?
61.What's in your purse?
62.Tall or short boy?
63.Blonde or brunette guys?
64.Boxers showing?
65.Long hair or short hair on boys?
66.What's the first thing you notice about guys?

67.What kind of cologne do you use? Hollister, Hollister Drift, Abercrombie and Fitch, Hugo, Burberry, and Ralph Lauren
68.Whats in your pockets? my wallet, chap stick, my cell phone was clipped to my side
69.Boxers or briefs? boxers
70.Blonde or brunette girls? blond GUYS
71.Tall or short girls? tall GUYS
72.Piercings on girls? piercings on GUYS
73.Long or short hair on girls? short hair on GUYS
74.Good or bad girl? bad GUY
75.What do you find annoying in girls? I hate really quiet GUYS
76.What's the first thing you notice about girls? probably a GUYS eyes, hair, and body shape. And his voice and hands.

77.The last movie you saw? X2
78.What did you have for dinner? grilled chicken, potatos, a salad, italian bread, and peach ice cream, none of which my mom made, thank God
79.What are you hoping for? Umm...... right now, a phone call
80.What movie do you really want to see? none that are out right now
81.Where is your favourite place to travel? Emerald Isle and I want to go back to Laguna beach
82.What did you last dream about? something about cars
83.What was the last thing you ate? peach ice cream
84.If you were a crayon what colour what would you be? wtf umm....... white
85.Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? Sandra and Vince
86.Do you like the person that sent this to you? no I hate Sandra, lol
87.Ever had a crush on a teacher? sadly, yeah.....
88.Are you too shy to ask someone out? no, not really
89.Scary movies or happy ending? Scary movies
90.Summer or winter? Summer
91.Relationships or one night stands? relationships
92.Chocolate or Vanilla ice cream? Vanilla
93.Do you want your friends to write back? of course
94.Who is most likely to respond? Jimmy
95.Who is least likely to respond? i dont know
96.What did you do last night? watched tv, talked to Vincent and Jimmy, got online, listened to music, txt messaged w/ ppl, set up my space account, ate a ton of food, slept
97.Anything else you want to add? I want to see my cars paint job, i'm hungry, i'm excited about going to the beach July 1 again, i'm REALLY excited about my party, i need to call some people, and SARA AND I NEED TO PLAY A FEW GAMES OF TENNIS, ASAP!!!

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Damn rock..... [17 Jun 2005|04:34pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I fucking hate mowing the lawn. I rock fucking shot up and hit my damn knee. It hurts like FUCK when I walk. Oh well, shake it off. lol I freaked my mom out. I walked to the garage door and there was blood like running down my leg, I was like 'mom, I fell down and the lawn mower ran over my leg. hehe ;D She looked like she was about to pass out. lol I'm so mean. I have to do a fast work out and take a shower, then my mom wants to go out to eat. Ugh..... I've been super tired all day. I just want to take a nap. And we'll be in Virginia all weekend for Father's day.

I've been beating myself up for not posting the surf trip pictures yet. I'll do it soon, I guess. Update again later.

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Community hell [15 Jun 2005|11:34pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Joining a community now days is a long journey that takes you straight through hell. Well most people are really nice, but then there are some people who are getting on my last damn nerve. I've never seen so many guys PMSing. You wanna know something really funny? I was told I "sound stupid" for caring about people with cancer and relay for life. Yeah..... Anyway, I was talking to Vincent until my phone went dead. It would help if I charged it. So I guess I'll call him tomorrow night. I'm going to try calling when I think he should be home from his 'blind date'. ;D It turns out I still might have a DJ for my party! I think my mom and my aunt found somebody. My mom wont tell me what she's been planning for my party. She keeps saying it's a surprise. I swear if one damn thing goes wrong I'm going to be really pissed. I trust my aunt a lot more then my mom.

I'm HUNGRY. Ice cream and Nilla wafers sound SO good right now.
I'm going to get something to eat before I die and do something to take my mind off PMSing men.

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[15 Jun 2005|01:28pm]
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